About Us

canter & cave is a boutique home wares brand created in 2010 and located in Melbourne, Australia.

The brand captures the essence of living with inspirational color.

The creative journey begins in the design studio with hand painted artworks by artist and textile designer Arite Kannavos. The artworks are then magically transformed into eclectic print collections for the home.

We believe that color in one's home is the soul's reflection of a life being well celebrated.

Designed with a vibrant aesthetic, the color palettes evoke nature's color's in their most purest forms, adding a sense of wonder, flair and joy to your home.

Each piece is carefully selected and made from different parts of the print yardage, so that each product has a sense of individuality, with designs which inspire your imagination.

canter & cave pieces are designed and lovingly made in Australia by artisans who honor their craft.